Sunday, January 6, 2008

fashion and women

I am Aru. I strongly beleive fashion indirectly spoils many women's life. you know how?

fashion changes everything. but basic culture shouldnot change. but many people are thinking that fashion is everything and through that they can achieve popularity. But the fact they forget is what type of fashion they are following. There are so many women who try to expose themselves thinking that they wear a fashionable ones. fashion should be fashionable in a way that it should not expose the body. i always feel the concept of fashion (creating a change) is not followed by many people. i am not blaming designers coz i myself is a designer. but people (customers) should know what to wear and what not to. fashion should show the beauty but not exposed beauty. i feel these type of exposed fashion is also one of the main reason for women related crimes. so each country should follow some strict dress code. there is nothing to worry about the freedom, coz freedom is not mainly depending on dressing.