Wednesday, March 2, 2011

money matters?

huh money-it really makes the people? nowadays nobody is respecting the real human with real feelings,talent,love-why always money plays the important role in eveerything?that too when some people start saying -tobe frank overtalking about their status,money-wealth i really feel so irritated. when my husband talks about money i feel like huh i cant say of my friend i saw her after 17years.i know how she was when we were small and now she is very rich after marriage,even their mom also grown rich. but they always proudly talk about their richness previousely they dont talk like this. does money changes the people?money rules the world now a days. if u want to marry, see a wealthy person and marry, if u need a work give bribe, if u want more friends give a money, if you want love(acting love) do moneyfull favours even to some parents,some relatives,some friends. money creates all ,crime,selfishness,cunningness,hurtings.huh i m tired of money.
everybody need money tolive even me, but dont use it for judjing and override yourlife. it will make you feel that u have everything but truely u r not. so beware of money and let u rule money and not money ruling you!!!stop prouding about money!!!have a real world around you!!thank god for giving me true friends and people around me!!!!

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