Friday, March 16, 2012


confused yet clear....huh what stage am i in my life? need to work, do business,servant(!), house wife,human,sister,daughter . trying to figure out am i happy ,strong and good to all who loves me truely? may be i m or i m not. but as a women i always feel after marriage my individuality has gone somehow, the way i used to move with people i love and people loves me. may be men are not changing their way of living always. but as a women i feel proud but always been hurt coz am a women, which makes me so depressed and frustrated in my life. i m really confused am i happy in my life? am i living the way i want to live? am i getting a real freedom? am i getting a real love which feels for me which doesnt hurt me... in my life?am i able to do what i want?am i able to decide whom to be part of my life cycle?  huh i m confused.......frustrated but i m not that happy as other women who are also confused like me. Feel like coming out of my life and do the things that make me happy and not thinking and getting permission for and from others. god give me the happiest life for me......and the women who needs it........

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